For the future of motherhood with MS

MINORE & SOPRANINO: Two Studies, One Goal …


Two Studies, One Goal …

Studies researching the effects of ocrelizumab are enrolling now

for women with MS who are planning on starting a family or breastfeeding.

Future MS Moms Need You

If you qualify, participation could:

• Provide necessary information to help advance optimal care for mothers and babies

• Make it easier for women with MS to receive proper treatment for family planning and breastfeeding

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We’re looking for ways

to expand treatment options

for women with MS who are planning to

become pregnant or breastfeed their baby

See if you qualify for the MINORE & SOPRANINO research studies


Ocrelizumab, also known as OCREVUS®, is approved for the treatment of adults with MS, but more information on its use in pregnant and breastfeeding women is needed. Results may help determine the optimal use of ocrelizumab for women with MS who are planning a pregnancy or plan to breastfeed.

The MINORE Study:

To understand the potential effect of ocrelizumab on babies born to women with MS who received ocrelizumab according to local medical practice shortly before becoming pregnant or during their first trimester of pregnancy.


To understand whether ocrelizumab is transferred to the breastmilk of women with MS, and if it is, what effect ocrelizumab may have on babies who are breastfed.

How does the online screener work?

How does the

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